friendship is what i offered to you,
peace is what i pray for you,
happiness is what i wish for you,
but remembrance is what i want from you.
happy friendship day!!

my friendship may be like a drop in the
ocean for you but for me the ocean may
be less without the drop of your friendship.
happy friendship day!!

i have opened an emotional bank account for you in my heart,
deposit your friendship in it and,
i'll make sure that you receive interest as long as i am alive.
happy friendship day!!

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if 2 hearts are meant to be friends,
no matter hoe long it takes,
how far they go,
how tough it seems,
fate will bring them together,
to share the friendship.
happy friendship day!!

true friends are like mornings,
you can't have them for the whole day,
but you can be sure that they will be there,
when you wake up tomorrow, day after, forever.
happy friendship day!!

a special smile,
a special face,
a special someone i can't replace,
a special hi from me to you,
for the special friendship i found in you.
happy friendship day!!

friendship is like a bank,
in which you have to deposit
love, sympathy, trust, help and joy,
and as interest you will get companion for lifetime.
happy friendship day!!

dictionary is the only place,
where death come before life,
success comes before work,
divorce comes before marriage,
but the best part is,
friends come before relatives.
happy friendship day!!

be slow in choosing friends,
slower in loosing them,
because friendship is not an opportunity,
but it is an sweet responsibility.
happy friendship day!!

please be a friend to me and hold me day by day,
because with your loving hand in mine,
i know we'll find the way.
happy friendship day!!

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