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i m nobody,nobody is perfect 
and therefore i m perfect

please dont get confused
between my personality and my attitude
my personality is who i am & my attitude 
depend on who are you

god is really creative. i 
mean just look at me 

i m gonna make the rest of my life 
the best of my life

my attitude depend on the people 
in front on me 

someone asked me what is ur attitude 
then i simply replied 
being single is my attitude

two fundamental of cool life 
walk like you are the king and 
walk life you dont care who is the king

smile in front of people who hates 
you.your smile kill them believ me 

i talk to myself beacause i like 
dealing with a better class of people

i m listning it just takes me a minute
to process so much stupidity all at once 

dont talk out loud you lower 
the iq of the whole street 

a great many people have a soldier stomach
every thing they eat goes to the front

your whats app status saus you are online 
if you are online then why arnt you texting me 


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