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i wish to be everything for everyone
but i would like to something for someone

dont walk behind me i may not lead
dont walk infront of me i may not

better to rule in hell
than to serve in heaven

love unexpressed is a crime
against the heart

the walls in your heart should be made
of glass to let the light shine through

the language of love is real
language of the world

listen to the love around you
your eyes is open even yours mind is closed

the best thing is knowing ;exactly where you stand

tears are the gift from god
tears are for memory
for without them how
could be remember ourselves

love is a conversation without end
that lead to the silence of eternity

falling in love remind you that
nothing else matters

see realities with the eyes
in your heart not the eyes
in your mind

the highest act of love is to want the best
for someone in the highest purest way

when you are in love with life
nothing is to hard

everything is freshness and reason
and all is as it is

imagination is more important
than knowledge

if you want to experience love
you have to take the risk
love always wortth the risk

tolerence is the total acceptance
of other uniqueness

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