Dear Mario, I wasted my childhood trying to save your girlfriend. Now, you help me to save mine. When I'm good I'm best , when I'm bad I'm worst

 I’m cool but global warming made me hot. 

Excuse me. I found something under my shoes oh its your Attitude. 

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 If people are trying to bring you ‘Down’, It only means that you are ‘Above them’.

I'm Not Special , I'm Just Limited Edition. 

My personality is who I am & my attitude depends on who you are! 

Please don’t get confused between my personality & my attitude.

I enjoy when people show Attitude to me because it shows that they need an Attitude to impress me! 

Coins always make sound but the currency notes are always silent! that’s why I’m always calm & silent. 
Life will give you exactly what you need, not what you want. 

 Your Whatsapp status say’s online …..If your online then why aren’t you texting me 

My “last seen at” was just to check your “last seen at”. 

Stop checking my status ! Go get a Life! 

 Sorry vegetarians we can’t pretend. 

They say we learn from our mistakes. So I'm making as many as possible! Soon I will be a genius.

 I started out with nothing and i still have most of it :) 

 I will marry the girl who look as pretty as in her Aadhaar card 

If your bad. Call me your Dad.

Good friends will share the umbrella. Best friends will steal it and yell: It’s Awesome, Now Run


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